Holistic Atlases of Functional Networks and Interactomes (HAFNI)

Welcome to the project page of applying Holistic Atlases of Functional Networks and Interactomes (HAFNI) on fMRI dataset from Human Connectome Project (HCP) Q1 release. Currently we have 23 stablized functional components identified by the group-wise HAFNI results from HCP Q1 task dataset, and 9 stablized resting-state functional components from HCP resting dataset.

In the links below you could find the spatial and temporal patterns of the functional brain networks by HAFNI in HCP datasets.

Cross-examination of HAFNI vs. GLM results on HCP task-related dataset with multiple threshold applied (HCP dataset, 68 subjects, 7 tasks, 400 components)

List of finalized task-related networks in HCP-Task dataset

List of finalized resting-state networks in task and resting state dataset


Tianming Liu, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science / Bioimaging Research Center, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602. Email: tliu(at)