Holistic Atlases of Functional Networks and Interactomes (HAFNI)


After decades of active research using in-vivo functional neuroimaging techniques such as fMRI, there has been mounting evidence that the total human brain function emerges from and is realized by the interaction of multiple concurrent neural networks. However, due to the lack of effective computational brain mapping approaches and the limitation of functional neuroimaging data quality/quantity, it is still challenging to robustly and faithfully reconstruct concurrent functional networks from fMRI (either task fMRI (tfMRI) or resting state fMRI (rsfMRI)) data and quantitatively measure their network-level interactions. Thus, it is largely unknown to what extent those multiple interacting functional networks spatially overlap with each other and jointly realize the total brain function. In response, recently, by developing innovative sparse representation of whole-brain fMRI signals and by using the publicly released large-scale Human Connectome Project (HCP) high-quality fMRI data, our pilot studies have shown that a large number of reproducible and robust functional networks, including both task-evoked and resting state networks, are simultaneously distributed in distant neuroanatomic areas while substantially spatially overlapping with each other, thus forming an initial collection of holistic atlases of functional networks and interactions (HAFNI). Based on these promising preliminary results, the objective of this research theme is to create, evaluate and establish a novel theory of reciprocal organizational architecture of human brain function based on the HAFNIs.

Project page of the current HAFNI results on HCP Q1 release dataset

Applying HAFNI methods on massive fMRI big-data

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Representative Publications:

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